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Eendoostaken was founded in 2011 by Michel Geraedts. Michel has worked as a counselor for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for over 13 years. As a result, he has gained a lot of experience with autism within daytime activities and residential facilities for children and young adults.

In his field of work he has worked a lot with the so-called one-box tasks, which are well-arranged, practical and clear to use. With a one-box task you can stimulate various areas of development in a fun and playful way. 

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From the beginning

The production of the one-box tasks started in his garage. But now the boxes are being prepared for shipment at the place where it all started at PSW’s day care center.

The boxes are not played with this time, but now the PSW clients are preparing the task boxes for use themselves. They attach Velcro to the boxes with glue and the materials such as coins and sticks are placed in the boxes. All these different tasks are clearly structured for the clients. Based on photos on a planning board, they know exactly what to do. The one-box jobs are then sent to the customer by Business Post Limburg. This company also employs people with a distance to the labor market. This fits perfectly with the vision of one-box tasks:

For the target audience by the target audience.

Started coming up with task boxes
Creation of One Box Tasks
Production process outsourced to PSW clients
Rebranding One Box Tasks
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Michel Geraedts
Founder/advisor One-box tasks

“ One-box tasks can be made from shoe boxes yourself. These are often creative solutions, but they are not hygienic, uniform, clear and sustainable. Shoe boxes cannot be washed after use and are fragile in terms of material. One-box tasks are made of durable plastic. They are safe, hygienic, uniform and well-arranged. The materials are tested and have a CE mark.”


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