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Our Shoebox tasks help people develop more independence and self-reliance. The activities are offered in a playful and accessible manner, thus promoting cognitive, social, and motor skills. 

With the goal of achieving “better participation in daily life.” It is an ideal learning tool for individuals on the autism spectrum or during rehabilitation.

Task Box
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Task Box
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Below you will find our popular Shoebox tasks.
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The story of occupational therapist Anneke van Lier

Anneke tells you how she uses Eendoostasks in practice
and which development areas are stimulated with it.


For the target audience by the target audience

“Our Shoebox Tasks are made of durable, sustainable plastic, ensuring safety, hygiene, uniformity, and clarity. The materials are tested and bear the CE mark. With clear beginnings and endings, these task boxes are extensively utilized in the TEACCH Method. TEACCH assists adults and children in achieving daily structure and developing various areas of growth. Our orders are crafted by individuals facing employment barriers. We strive to deliver the placed order within a week.

Designed by the target audience, for the target audience!”

Designed with the target audience in mind, here’s what we guarantee:

  • 30-day exchange policy
  • 2-year warranty on all Shoebox Task units
  • Order today, receive it promptly*
  • Created by the target audience, for the target audience
  • Embracing sustainability and responsibility

*Please note that our dedicated team at Amarant (Pedagogical Social Work) in Gilze carefully assembles and ships orders. Most orders are dispatched within 3-5 business days, ensuring timely delivery.

These are our latest shoebox tasks

We regularly develop new shoebox tasks with industry experts. In this way we continuously add new products that stimulate development areas of clients. Do you have an idea for a task? let us know via the contact form and we will look at the possibilities together with you. 


"I want to leave a trail"

“Make contact with people  who exhibit complex behavior and help them further in their development That’s why I developed Onetaskbox (eendoostaken.nl). It makes me proud to know that people work with Onetaskbox on a daily basis”

Michel Geraedts
Initiator/founder Eendoostaken

Read Michel’s story here 


This is what our customers say about Our Shoebox tasks

Kurt Geerts
Kurt Geerts
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I bought two sensory bottles for a family member with autism. I have the blue bottle with fish and one with many colors. He likes to look at the bottles and is very happy with them.
arthur en brenda
arthur en brenda
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Our son has benefited greatly from it. Expand quickly with the other boxes
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What a great idea! We are very happy with it.
Tessa Verbeek
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Very happy with the purchase!
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